Retake Remake

The Assembly Rooms Theatre

Retake, Remake is The Lawnmowers learning-disabled led Theatre Ensemble’s empowering new show. The Ensemble has worked with Artistic Director Jan Willem van den Bosch (Dickie Beau’s Black Outs & Remember Me) and Theatre Maker Melody Sproates (Gender not included) to co-create a cutting-edge lip-synching fest. Retake Remake sashays through a soundscape of songs, recorded voices and snippets of films such as Forrest Gump and I Am Sam.

The show supports the Ensemble to explore blockbuster films which portray people with learning disabilities using actors without learning disabilities. Sometimes fun and sometimes profoundly moving, the actors question Hollywood’s star-defining practice.

60 mins


The Assembly Rooms Theatre

Other Performances:

July 28, 2024 4.40pm
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