Dance Showcase II: Talk / Just Enough Madness

Fonteyn Ballroom @ Dunelm House

A split bill of two dance pieces:

'TALK' is a groundbreaking immersive dance performance where art meets technology to invite you into a world where motion creates music and visuals in real-time. Combining contemporary movement and cutting-edge AI, the piece explores the depth of non-verbal communication and human emotion.

'Just Enough Madness' explores mental health, questioning the definition of the word ‘normal’. Presented as a solo work in the Indian dance style of Kuchipudi, the work acknowledges the existence of mental health battles though time, against the backdrop of contemporary and mythological narratives that present themselves as a pathway to access the existential truths of today.

65 mins


Fonteyn Ballroom @ Dunelm House

Other Performances:

July 24, 2024 8.15pm
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