Dance Showcase I: Boundless / Acroflex Acrobatic Arts

Fonteyn Ballroom @ Dunelm House

A split bill of two dance pieces, this showcase champions two contrasting yet stunning dance styles.

Boundless (Dance City’s company for older adults) presents “One Million”, a new and vibrant piece created in collaboration with choreographer Alyssa Lisle. Inspired by music that will take you back in time - to moments, people and places - the company brings these memories alive.

Acroflex Acrobatic Arts bring their unique, beautiful fusion of dancing and gymnastics using their own bodies as the apparatus for balance, contortion and dance skills. Their stunning routines include jaw dropping contortion, front and back flips, handstands, splits and human towers.

45 mins


Fonteyn Ballroom @ Dunelm House

Other Performances:

July 25, 2024 3.30pm
July 26, 2024 3.30pm
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