A play about strangers, connection, community, hopes and fears.
The stage is set in Durham, and the text is constructed solely from the verbatim words of 5 residents.
It will have you reflecting on your own life whilst also being inspiring, touching and thoughtful.
'Sonder' explores our intimate and mostly unseen connections to strangers.
Showcasing, our similarities, philosophies and even differences, from the mundane to the massive.
...Really, it's about life.
Event Details
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 50 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Wrong Tree Theatre Company
Age suitability: All ages
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Depictions of drug use
Depictions of physical violence
Depictions of self harm or suicide:
The Assembly Rooms Theatre
Content warnings
one mention of depression
July 24, 2024 1.45pm
July 25, 2024 1.45pm
July 26, 2024 1.45pm
July 28, 2024 1.45pm

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