Jam Tub Live Music

Emerging from a global pandemic, the band Jam Tub have been creating major noise since their formation in early 2023. Bandmates Michael Stott and Fergus Hamill, then joined by bassist Freddie Dobby, honed their skills as a three-piece and quickly settled into the scene, swiftly amassing a growing fanbase.

Previously described as “Teenage trio whose explosive indie rock is blowing up a storm in venues across the North East.” by GigSlutz and after being added to ThisFeeling’s ‘Best New Bands’ playlist on Spotify, it’s upwards from here for the band as they continue to develop and craft their live sound, pouring effort and passion into their performances.
Event Details
Genre: Music
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Jam Tub
Age suitability: All ages
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Depictions of drug use
Depictions of physical violence
Depictions of self harm or suicide:
Palace Green Stretch Tent
Content warnings
July 28, 2024 6.30pm

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