Vane Tempest @ Dunelm House
Dunelm House is the famous Grade II listed Brutalist Students' Union of Durham University. One might say it is somewhat "Marmite", as many Brutalist buildings are - but most importantly for the Fringe, it’s in the centre of Durham, close to our other venues, in a spectacular setting. We are very grateful to The Students' Union for supporting us and allowing us to use this exciting two stage venue. The ballroom space, on the lowest floor of the building, is named after the renowned ballerina, Dame Margot Fonteyn, who was a previous Chancellor of Durham University.

Dunelm House is a new venue for the 2024 Fringe with two spaces, the Fonteyn Ballroom and Vane Tempest.

The Vane Tempest is used as a lecture theatre in university term time. We will transform it into a performance space, using the existing simple raised, wooden, dais style stage, approximately 3.5m(w) x 1.5m(d).

Performance space Simple raised, wooden, dais style stage


Has a stage? YES 3.5m (width) x 1.5m (depth); vertical clearance 2m

Dressing Room YES

Bar (outside performance space) YES

Please note that even in venues with storage space, a limited amount can be decidated to each show, and this must be discussed in advance


Basic lighting available YES

Projector YES

PA System YES

On site technician YES

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