Durham Distillery

a tapestry of life
Songs from Carole King's classic album 'Tapestry', interspersed with original songs inspired by Andrea Brown's 'Life, Love, Loss'. Universal themes of love and and friendship, situations and journeys, sure to touch the heart.
Jessa Liversidge, who has previously performed 'Songbirds' and 'Two bards and a Songbird' at Durham Fringe, is known for her heartfelt, versatile vocals, inhabiting the story behind each song, and here she will perform this unique mix of well-known and original songs.
"Captivating - your voice is just magical and the songs really come alive when you sing." Audience member, DFF 2023

60 mins


Durham Distillery

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July 25, 2024 4.30pm
July 26, 2024 4.30pm
July 27, 2024 4.30pm
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