Brand Guidelines

The logo forms the main element of the visual style.

There are two elements – the wording with date and the mask motif. Both these elements should be used together wherever possible. The mask motif may be used in isolation as a design element for emphasis. Both horizontal and landscape logos, have been created. All use the same colour palette and/or weighting regardless of background and whether in colour or mono. As the main identifier of the brand, the logos should not be changed. There are spacing rules to ensure consistency wherever the logo is reproduced. The clear space around the logo is half height of the main body of text including the date. This space should be left clear and no other elements appear within this bounding box. There is a smaller version of the logo should it need to be used. This includes a simplified version of the mask motif to ensure it can be replicated clearly.

Notes for Performers

Let you audience know that you’re performing at Durham Fringe Festival!

You can download various forms of our logos to use on your social media and promotional material and press releases.

Try and leave space around the logo as indicated to make sure it stands out.

We will promote our events and performers from Friday 10th June when our ticket sales go live.

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