Harun Musho’d Reads Bad Political Memoirs So You Don’t have to (WIP)

Harun Musho’d reads from and comments on bad political memoirs, including:
- Spare by Prince Harry (Harry trying to describe his mother: "She was simply indescribable")
- The Plot by Nadine Dorries (which she lost)
- Pandemic Diaries by Matt Hancock with Isabel Oakeshott (why Matt's and Isobel's degrees are “low value”)

“Excellent show” Fringe Review“
"Smart...His use of irony and repetition has previously drawn comparison with Stewart Lee. And that’s on full display" The Scotsman
“If you get a chance to see this and miss it then you are a fool!”★★★★★ Radio Faversham
★★★★ Views from the Gods
Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 50 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Harun Musho'd
Age suitability: 16+
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Depictions of drug use
Depictions of physical violence
Depictions of self harm or suicide:
Fabio's Bar
Content warnings
none, other than swearing
July 27, 2024 7.10pm

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