We are a small, “nearly new” festival in Durham City, in the North East of England. Following a very successful start in 2021, our second Durham Fringe Festival will run from 26th to 31st July 2022, using venues around Durham City centre. The festival is timed so both audience and performers can come to Durham on their way north to other festivals in August, but also within local school holidays so that our region’s young people may participate fully.

We’re an open curated festival and welcome applications from anywhere and anybody. In addition to national and indeed international shows its great to be able to showcase local talent to the audience in the North East. We do ask about experience in the application – please include anything you feel is relevant here, but don’t worry if you have never produced a show before.

We, the festival, take a central coordinating role. We have found the venues for 2022 and we select the perfomers/shows, schedule them into venues, and run the festival day to day. This includes setting ticket prices, which we expect to be a flat £8 across the festival. Our role means that application may work a little differently than others you have completed; we will ask quite a lot of questions about venues and scheduling in our initial application form, but the next stage after completing this form, if successful, is that we would come back to you with an offer of a slot in one of our venues.

There’s no commitment to perform with us when you apply. If you subsequently accept a slot from us then we will ask you to sign a contract, and pay us a deposit (usually £100) against you not giving the performances you have agreed to. This, along with our financial model, and other key terms, is set out in our Event Terms and Conditions, which will form part of the contract between us. In summary, the financial model is a shared risk approach; unless otherwise agreed, performers will receive 70% of net box office receipts. There is no fee to be paid either to the festival, or to your venue; we only ask for the fully refundable deposit mentioned above if you accept our offer.

Apply to perform

We are now accepting applications for Durham Fringe Festival 2022. Before you apply, we recommend you look at our venues and consider your preferences, as we are asking for this as part of your initial application.

You should submit your application via Eventotron by following these quick & easy steps:

  1. Head to www.eventotron.com
  2. Sign-in / create an account
  3. Click Festivals & Seasons
  4. Scroll down to Durham Fringe Festival 2022
  5. Click Apply

We look forward to reading your application. Good luck!