St Chad’s Garden

An enchanting outdoor space in the historic centre of Durham City

The garden is a wonderful outdoor space which during the festival will be in daylight late into the evening (Sunset 21:15) The performance space will be either thrust or in the round with very little, if any, tech. Set on a dramatic site in the shadow of Durham Cathedral, beyond the gardens, the land falls away into the wooded gorge of the River Wear.  A wonderful opportunity for a suitable show, anything considered but maybe interesting takes on classical theatre.

Location and Access

Including public  accessibility, stairs, etc


The garden is 30m by 19m in total. We’re going to define a performance space that makes best use of the garden. Sunset is 21:15hr on July 28th so it’s going to be light till late evening. Tech will be minimal. Dressing/Green room is the senior common room.


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