Shows running till Sunday 1 August across four venues

From Wednesday 28th July to Sunday 1st August, twenty-seven companies are putting on one hundred and eleven performances in 4 great venues in Durham City. There’s magic, dance, stand-up, an aerial act, two bands, 5 new music showcases, cabaret and some great theatre. All the things you might expect in a fringe festival and it’s all coming to Durham. They are all listed below so you can scroll gently through or jump to what you fancy first off. 

If you fancy some Sondheim there’s two shows looking at his legacy listed under Music.  There’s a brilliant play about the Durham Light Infantry listed under Drama. If stand-up is your thing, Aaron Simmonds’ Hot Wheels show is listed under Comedy.  There are just lots of great options and after your ‘first course’ what’s next? Some of the same or try something different?   The tickets are great value, most at £8 per show.

We hope you sample a range of the shows offered, and maybe something you’ve not tried before. Simply click on the show you fancy for more information or to book, then come back for another rummage.

How to make the most if its your first Fringe Festival

  • Invite family or friends; it’s always more fun to go together 
  • The shows are mostly an hour or less, so booking two or three is recommended
  • Enjoy the cities restaurants and bars; plan time to eat, drink and chat
  • Book the shows you think may be popular as soon as possible 
  • Check the times of the show so you can get from one to the next
  • Pace yourself, make a day/night of it
  • Try something different
  • Don’t forget to keep your fluids up 😉

Tickets £8

Most shows last approx. 1 hour. Prices may vary for longer/shorter shows.

COVID-19 Update

In accordance with recent government changes to laws and regulations we shall not require the use of face coverings or enforce social distancing in our venues.

However, we would urge everyone to behave responsibly and think of the safety of themselves and others. Therefore, we encourage all audience members to use face coverings inside our venues, and, for those not fully vaccinated, to have a PCR test or rapid lateral flow test within 48 hours of the performance.

We will be following the UK Theatre See it Safely guidelines.

For your safety, all Fringe staff and volunteers will be required to have an NHS COVID Pass. Performers are encouraged to do so as well, but it is not mandatory.

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