(The Taming of) The Shrew

“And place your hands below your husband’s foot:
In token of which duty, if he please,
My hand is ready: may it do him ease.”
What a load of s*$%!

Everyone wants to marry Bianca. No one wants to marry Kate. Bianca can’t wed until Kate does. What are the bachelors of Padua to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Enter Petruchio.
Told in the way that Menstrual Rage do best, ‘(The Taming of) The Shrew’ is loud, chaotic and sprinkled with pop culture. Join us as we show what it means to be a “foul, contending rebel.”

70 mins


Other Performances:

27 July 8.15pm

Full: £9

Concession: £6

30 July 2.15pm

Full: £9

Concession: £6
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