Ramalama Ding Dong

In 2017 the phrase “Ramalama Ding Dong” was repeatedly sneered at Roshi by a stranger on a train after he briefly heard her speak Farsi to her family. Her friends urged reporting it as a hate crime. Essex police confirmed that it was part of a general rise in racist hate crime since 2016.

Roshi started to recount the story at open mics and CPT's Shape Of Things To Come fest. She explored re-telling the story with experiments in stand-up and sound art: using vocal processing technologies to create repetitious effects to the point of absurdity, aiming for provocation without becoming preachy. She added further accounts of real-life racism, realising that while racism is no laughing matter it can be risible, surreal and even darkly funny.

With support from an ACE Project's Grant, a Covid19 bursary from Sound & Music, rehearsal space from CPT and NewDiorama Theatre plus a wonderful creative team. Roshi has gone on to develop this piece, gathering extremely positive press and audience responses from initial shows 2022 and with more lined up in 2023.

The show features beautiful films made by Al Orange and reflections from actor and childhood friend Peter Stray.
Event Details
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Roshi Nasehi
Age suitability: 14+
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
The City Theatre
Content warnings
I quote racist language used by others against me. The show carries a trigger warning. Strong language is used throughout and racist and misogynistic language said by others is recalled, reflected on and poked fun at.

30 July 7.00pm

Full: £9

Concession: £6

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