Meet At The Ark
When two penguins are lucky enough to secure the last pair of tickets for Noah's Ark, they encounter a dilemma: can they really bear to leave their friend behind? This delightful new musical for 4-8-year-olds is a tale of the extent we go for friendship - and a slice of cheesecake. It promises to have audiences humming and chuckling as they hurry to be at the ark by eight, all while wondering who really could be inside that enormous suitcase.
Event Details
Genre: Children & Youth
Duration: 45 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Cheesecake Productions
Age suitability: All ages
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Depictions of drug use
Depictions of physical violence
Depictions of self harm or suicide:
The Assembly Rooms Theatre
Content warnings
July 24, 2024 3.00pm
July 25, 2024 3.00pm
July 26, 2024 3.00pm
July 28, 2024 3.00pm

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