Let It Burn.

The world has been driven to it's knees once again. Filled to the brim with pain, anger and death. A shadowy figure appears on the horizon, cackling with playful delight. As she approaches you hear her repeat a few words over and over, "Let It Burn. Let It Burn." Brought to you by the Alternative Assembly, Linda is an explosive and hysterically dark experience. A truly must-see for any Fringe-goer!

‘Relentlessly self-aware... cause of genuine hilarity!’ (BroadwayBaby.com).
‘The sheer energy and pure boldness of this performer ensures the enjoyment of the audience’ (Student Newspaper).
Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £8
Company Name: Alternative Assembly
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Content warnings

31 July 9.45pm

Fabio's Bar

Full: £8

Booking fee £0.50 per ticket


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