Hairy B*stard
Meet Magenta- your not-so-average 20 something icon. She's loud, proud- and incredibly hairy. Tonight we step into her world of giant razors, birth control, handbag sushi and many a wax strip...what could possibly go wrong?

A one woman show about self love, self loathing, and how bloody expensive razors are.
Event Details
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £9
Company Name: Molly Farquhar
Age suitability: 16+
Audience interaction:
Flashing lights:
Depictions of drug use
Depictions of physical violence
Depictions of self harm or suicide:
Vane Tempest @ Dunelm House
Content warnings
Sexual language, medical terms, Strong Language
July 26, 2024 7.30pm
July 27, 2024 7.30pm
July 28, 2024 7.30pm

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