City Theater Page “A little gem” Sir Ian McKellen

The City Theatre is a delight, an historic, acclaimed member of the Little Theatres Guild, which is owned and run by Durham Dramatic Society. The stage is    ‘ by   ‘ with very limited wings and no fly space. To get from one side of the stage  to the other requires climbing up and down stairs in the wings. There’s a great Green room that doubles as a communal changing room with limited toilets. Nevertheless  it’s an intimate and rewarding space with an established history and status.

It’s got 71 compact but comfortable seats, fairly elderly sound and lighting system. There’s also a welcoming bar and foyer. 

We’re more than delighted they agreed to join us this year.

Venue plan

Location and Access

Including public  accessibility, stairs, etc


To cover sound and lighting, presence of house technician, detail on green room and backstage space


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